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about us Gratitude

It is the supreme state of Reception. Let yourself be moved by the emotion of the experience.
Open your heart and let your body respond to a new mind. Sending new signals to new genes.


About us


My life as an artisan began when I was 19 years old. From that age, I began to travel and discover the world. On my first trip I already received the first teachings from other artisans, in Valle deL Elqui in Chile. I learned the art of braiding macrame. There I experienced an awakening of my conscience and I realized that I wanted another kind of life for myself. The freedom to create my pieces, sell them myself, being self-sustainable and being able to travel wherever I want, gave me a new vision on life.




From that moment I travel the world getting to know new cultures. That’s how I met my life partner, in Andorra. Where together we undertook a trip to India in 2006, and we made our first production together. In india we discover a new world of materials and options. By bringing together the feminine touch and delicate details and good color matching, our products took on a new life. So we continue traveling and learning from more teachers, friends, travelers and sharing with other knowledge.


Each country gave us a new learning in the craft. In Argentina with my teacher who taught me to set semi-precious stones in silver, bronze and nickel silver. In Brazil with the indigenous communities I learned to weave the art of macramé with thread and to work with seeds and feathers. In the Patagonia of Argentina, I learned to use leather, its preparation, care and the different traditional knots and braids of the gauchos. In Indonesia, Bali, I learned more about goldsmithing and silver carving.


Over the years I have acquired the ability to adapt the items I make to market demand. Since handmade jewelry is a market with changing tastes depending on the place or country where you are. When we arrived on the Island of Ibiza, our craftsmanship fit perfectly with the fashion and style of the place. After five years living here we were inspired by the people, the nature and the Ibizan spirit of freedom and colours. This is how we created Guru Ibiza.


The idea of ​​creating Guru Ibiza started when I started to have a lot of success with the sales of my bracelets carved in copper, bronze, stainless steel and silver. I put the intention that the bracelets have motivating, positive and encouraging phrases; and thus collaborate with the awakening of the human collective conscience. I also started writing Sanskrit mantras. These mantras contain a high vibration and are charged by years and years of prayers. Being in such an ancient language, it does not have the modification suffered by other modern languages ​​and this makes the message more pure and direct.

These wristbands gave me one more opportunity to live new experiences with customers, because they are personalized wristbands, they can choose what they want to write on it, they can design the color, the size, the combination of elements and symbols; and this makes each bracelet or ring or necklace unique.



Seeing that most of the phrases that I carved were phrases of connection with the ancestral and the divine, I remembered a phrase from the Dalai Lama, which I met in Chile in the Elqui Valley,

“The true temple is within you.”

It occurred to me to use that idea and shape it to be the SLOGAN of our brand:

“Guru, the real one is inside you”

which means, “the true Guru, is inside you” This is the phrase that represents the company.

Seeing that the public asked me for more information, to know who I am, my website, buy my products online, I decided to create my own brand to differentiate myself from the rest and that they can access my products and contact me more easily. 

Sergio Javier Garrido
Guru Ibiza.

Have a project in mind?

If you have a great idea, reach out to me. Whether it is a small or big project, I will listen first and get back to you with a plan.